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The web version of an application: the development difficulties

The web version of an application: the development difficulties

A client who gave the task to a contractor for the development of the web version of an application and its design should get the maximum from their investment. However, there are often certain obstacles to the implementation of the plan. Problems are often created by the developers themselves, who do not fully understand what they are working on. Sometimes, they don’t know anything at all about the specifics of the developing web versions of apps and their design, as they don’t have enough experience and qualifications. Moreover, the creator can also be an owner himself, who cannot boast any knowledge in this area.

The issues behind creating the web version of an application

  1. What does web accessibility mean today? The answer is simple: anyone who visits the Web must find what they want (of course, except for prohibited materials strictly controlled by law). But the problem is that more and more information appears on the global network every day, which often makes the search difficult even for those people who have some experience. Moreover, due to the existence of a wide range of browsers, the search for necessary apps often becomes a complicated task. Of course, the availability of information is also dependent on the degree of education in the technological sphere. With a high degree of information literacy, the availability of information increases; the same thing applies to web versions of applications.
  2. User-friendliness. One of the main difficulties in creating web versions of applications is their compatibility with browser platforms. There are two possible variants of a bad outcome here, depending on whether you have already created the web version of an app or don’t have it yet. In the first case, you will lose a lot of extra time on its reconfiguration and ensuring compatibility with other browsers. So, it is advisable to always check the degree of compatibility — otherwise, your undertaking may fail. Fortunately, there are now special compatibility testers, and it will not be difficult to find them.

  3. If the user cannot find an element because of which they are using your web version of an application, they will leave it soon. Navigation should be as comfortable as possible for anyone, especially for people with disabilities. To improve your app in this regard, you can now find professionals who will help not only with technical issues but also with design, as the latter plays a significant role.
  4. Many great ideas have been buried because of this flaw. Developers who do not understand design immediately assume that it’s about the technical side. The feature of the human eye is that beautiful things attract its attention. Bad readability is one of the difficulties in developing the web version of an application, as it is not enough just to change the font — it is also necessary to be able to write in an easy style that is understandable to the reader.
  5. When using your web application, a person should be able to perform actions quickly and simply. If you make them nervous with a poorly designed app, they will just leave it. In the twenty-first century, time is the main resource, and every developer of websites or applications is fighting for its saving. This is a genuine informational concern.


There are certain difficulties when creating the web version of an application, but they are easy to fix — and your customer base will only increase after that.