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5 Popular Role-Playing Games with IT-Themed Plots

5 Popular Role-Playing Games with IT-Themed Plots

Recently, more and more role-playing games (RPGs) are starting to use IT themes in their plots. This is not surprising, given that technology continues to evolve and become increasingly important in our lives. This article looks at five popular RPGs with plots involving IT.

Deus Ex

A classic RPG developed back in 2000 that immediately became a hit. The plot unfolds shortly, where the gamer has to get used to the role of a CIA agent who fights the conspiracy of authorities and corporations. The trick is that this specialist has various interesting things inserted into his prostheses.

And players need to skillfully use the various implants, engaging the hidden technology in them to perform the tasks at hand. The game offers a quality atmosphere, created from a mixture of cyberpunk and technological progress, and offers players many different ways and solutions. It gives a lot of variety in passing, forcing you to return again and again to the world of Deus Ex.

Cyberpunk 2077

One of the most high-profile games of recent years was Cyberpunk 2077. The CD Project – the studio that gave the world three parts of the “Witcher” game series- was responsible for its creation. The storyline is set in an open world where gamers act like an assassin trying to uncover a conspiracy that endangers the entire city.

The game immerses users in a cyberpunk world where technology permeates all areas of life. The game has many options to achieve individual goals, and the choice greatly changes the plot. Additionally, there are a lot of unique characters and locations that are very interesting to explore.


An RPG that mixes elements of cyberpunk and fantasy. The storyline occurs in a world where humans, elves, and other fantasy races live next to robots and cyborgs. Gamers can create characters, choose classes and races, and go on exciting adventures. The game offers many choices and decisions that affect the story’s outcome.


System Shock

A classic RPG was developed in 1994. The game’s plot takes place on a space station where gamers embody the role of a hired soldier trying to save the station from virus infection. The game offers many interesting mechanics, including controlling the station’s systems, skill progression, and the ability to influence the story.

System Shock also deals with themes of technological progress and its negative impact on people. It is useful for IT specialists because it reminds them of their responsibility to change the world.

Mass Effect

This RPG takes players to the distant future, where humanity communicates with other races in the galaxy. Gamers will try their hand as the spaceship commander that fights the threat of taking over the galaxy. The game’s plot plunges gamers into the fascinating world of science fiction, in which technology plays a key role.

Mass Effect offers a lot of choices and decisions that affect the story’s outcome, as well as many unique characters and locations. Moreover, the development studio is considering adding the multiplayer version of Mass Effect to the MMORPGs collection.


As we can see, IT themes are successfully embodied in RPGs, creating interesting and memorable stories. Cyberpunk, science fiction, and other tech-related themes are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming industry.

Choosing one of the five RPGs with IT storylines depends on individual preferences and tastes. If the options described are insufficient, it’s worth going to GoldenEye Vault and learning more about other cool RPG games. And any gamer will find something for themselves in these games.