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The Peculiarities of an Online Service’s Design Development

The Peculiarities of an Online Service’s Design Development

Service design is the process of developing an area for customers taking into account their needs.

There is even a special profession — service designer. Analyzing the needs of the audience, they plan the development of a company in general and its website in particular so that customers come to them again. Service design is also necessary for the development and expansion of a company to make it more customer-oriented. There are numerous examples when, thanks to service design, companies received a breath of fresh air. Thus, one of the largest banks could not boast of convenience for customers 20 years ago. But everything has changed with the help of service designers. The bank has grown, the number of its branches has increased, the offices have become more comfortable, air conditioners have appeared in them, and so on. Thanks to such changes, people’s opinion about the inconvenience of the financial institution has changed, which has been followed by an increase in customers.

The Approach to Service Design

Service design is used by many modern companies — even ones that adhere to a conservative approach to doing business are beginning to apply this relatively recently appeared method. It has certain advantages that can significantly improve a company:

  1. Reducing the costs of attracting new customers and retaining the old customer base.
  2. Increasing the return on investment.
  3. Enhancing the degree of customer satisfaction.

The Specifics of the Service Design Process

Service design has specific differences from the tasks solved by UX specialists.

Thus, the UX design is needed to improve customer interaction with the GUI of a mobile application, website, and so on. Service designers work with the entire chain. They are engaged in the investigation of customer orientation in general.

Here are some of the tasks for which a service designer is responsible:

  1. If there are a large number of negative reviews about a product or service, they need to identify the cause of this situation and the ways to fix it.
  2. Attracting new customers and retaining old ones through the introduction of new business methods.

A service designer is capable of analyzing a large amount of data, identifying patterns, and comprehensively addressing a problem. This is another feature of service design, as to hire a good specialist, you will have to check them for these qualities.

A service design specialist is faced with the following tasks:

  1. The first and foremost task that a service designer faces is the implementation of changes. When a business goes through a bad stretch, there are both external and internal reasons for this. It is not easy for an untrained person to understand them, especially without an analytical mindset. So, a specialist in this field comes to the rescue.
  2. Testing potentially working options. If there is some idea that can potentially pay off or improve the well-being of a business, it needs to be analyzed in terms of how it would affect the behavior of customers —  that is another task of a service designer.


The peculiarities of the service design process caused the need for a new profession— a service designer. It is the involvement of these people that distinguish the approach to doing business of the 21st century from the conservative way of promoting one’s products.